22 | 6 | 2022

New Chilean Regulation of the Contract of Workers of Digital Services Companies

On September 1, 2022, Law No. 21,431, which amends the Labor Code by introducing a new regulation for digital service platform companies in labor matters, will come into force.

On March 11, 222, Law 21.431 was published in the Official Gazette, which introduces a series of innovations for digital service platform companies.

Among these innovations is the creation of a new special employment contract for the employees of these companies, as well as the regulation of fee-based service providers, to whom it extends certain labor aspects such as the delivery of personal protection elements and the ability to unionize.

On the other hand, the Law broadens the scope of application of the labor tutelage procedure, making it possible for a fee-based service provider to file a complaint for violation of fundamental rights against the platform company to which it provides its services.


Sebastián Wielandt Covarrubias

Sebastián Wielandt Covarrubias

Head of Judicial and Labor Departments

Francisco Fernandez Silva

Francisco Fernandez Silva