12 | 5 | 2022

MICP Hosted Webinar on Pharmaceutical Patents

On May 12, 2022, our industrial property experts, Virgilio Topasio and Allison Ortega, conducted a webinar on pharmaceutical patents for academics, researchers and students of Universidad Católica del Norte.

During the event, the particularities of Pharmaceutical Patents were explained. How they work in Chile, their importance, the experimental strategies to obtain results with a high possibility of registrability, and how to guide the prosecution in order to increase the chances of success.

This instance was part of the research training services offered by MICP Legal, providing a focused exposure to the specific audience and context.


Allison Paz Ortega del Valle

Allison Paz Ortega del Valle

Patent Biochemist

Virgilio Topasio Maluk

Virgilio Topasio Maluk

Head of Patents Department